Dance Workshops, Camps & Extra Classes

Woodlawn Dance Academy is an established dance studio that is proud to serve the Sauk Valley area. Our goal is to offer quality programs while creating an environment for positive learning and, most of all, FUN! Below, find a list of upcoming camps, workshops and clinics, along with classes that are not a part of our school-year dance program. For details on our school-year dance program, technique classes or our award-winning dance competition team, click the black “Join Woodlawn Dance Academy” tab at the bottom of your browser window.

Family Movement

  • Ages: 1-3 with a parent
  • Time & Date: 9:30-10:15am Sat, 1/13/18-2/10/18
  • Instructor: Petra Paufve
  • Location: J. Mark Beaty Performance Center
  • Tuition: $37.50

Pom Dance Workshop

  • Ages: 8-11
  • Time & Date: 9am-Noon Sat, 3/3/18
  • Instructor: Hillary Blevins
  • Location: 402
  • Tuition: $30

Storytelling Through Dance Workshop

  • Ages: 8-11
  • Time & Day: 9-10:30am Sat, 4/28/18
  • Instructor: Hillary Blevins
  • Location: 401
  • Tuition: $16