Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have classes for children younger than preschool?

Yes! Our classes for the littlest students are family-oriented. For Family Art, Family Movement, Tunes & Tales and Tiny Tots Academy, one or two adult family member(s) enrolls free with each child registration.

Can I pay for the class a little at a time instead of up front?

If you are enrolling in a school-year class or lesson, you can take advantage of our monthly payment plans. Preschool families can pay either monthly, by the semester or for the full year. Monthly payment plans require a checking or savings account, or a credit or debit card. You choose the best day, and the amount is removed from your account on that day each month. You also might consider applying for financial assistance; if approved, you will receive a discounted rate. Registration is not complete until payment is made, or a payment plan and/or financial assistance is in place.

Can I wait until the day of the class to pay?

Registrations are typically due one week prior to the start of a course (two weeks for Woodshop programs) as most classes must meet a minimum number of registrants to run. Registration is not complete until payment is made, or a payment plan and/or financial assistance is in place.

Is it OK for me to drop off my children and then come back to pick them up?

Yes, for children age 6 and up, you may drop them off and come back to pick them up. For children age 5 and under, we request that a parent or guardian stay in the lobby during the child’s class or lesson. Please drop off & pick up your child at the appropriate time. Our instructors are only responsible for your child during their class time. We ask that all minors be escorted to & from class by an authorized adult.

Will you take a credit card for payment?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do you make up classes that I miss?

No make-up lessons will be given if a student misses a class. If you know in advance that you will miss classes or lessons, please notify the office and/or your instructor.

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

In most cases, supplies to create projects in your class or lesson are provided and are included in the cost of tuition. You may take home your completed project, but extra supplies are the property of Woodlawn Arts Academy. If there are additional fees for supplies, or if additional supplies are to be provided by the student, that information will be listed in the program description online and in our program guide. Occasionally, we will notify you of the need for additional supplies after a class has started; for example, a new music book for a private lesson, or specific shoes for a theatre production. Dance recital costumes are always an additional fee, paid during the second and third sessions of the school year.

If I start a class and decide I do not like it, will I get a refund?

Refunds or credit vouchers may be given in extenuating circumstances, and are granted at the discretion of the administrative staff. If the activity is running on a minimum number of students, no refund will be given to a student withdrawing from the program. Refunds and credits for classes are pro-rated from the date on which you withdraw from the class, and do not include classes to be held on the same day you notify the office you wish to withdraw. For one- or two-day workshops and camps, refunds and credits may only be issued if you withdraw prior to the start of the first day of the workshop or camp. In order to initiate a refund, the student must notify the office by calling or writing. We do not offer refunds on contractual classes.

Is WiFi available at the Academy?

Yes. WiFi is available in our main building using the password waaguest.

What instruments do you offer lessons for?

We currently offer lessons for piano, voice, guitar, percussion, flute/piccolo, saxophone, oboe, clarinet, baritone/tuba, violin, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone and cello. If an instrument for which you would like lessons is not listed, please inquire with the office.

Does the tuition for private lessons include music books?

No. The books and music used vary greatly among students and instructors. Your instructor will determine the best book(s) for your music education. In most cases your books and sheet music can be purchased in the main office or from your instructor.

Do you offer gymnastics or any sports-type classes?

Our programs are all based in the arts. While we do not offer “mainstream” sports like football or basketball, we do offer an extensive Dance program and Healing Arts classes that will help you stretch and strengthen.

On school days when the children are off, do we still have class at Woodlawn?

In most cases, you do still have class at Woodlawn. We are closed and do not have classes on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. We take a break from classes the week of Thanksgiving and for two weeks at Christmastime, but the office is open except on the actual holiday. For specific information, on our days off, see our Calendar.

When is spring break?

We do not take a spring break from most classes at Woodlawn. Your instructor will notify you in advance of any classes that will be skipped and made up at a later date. Please notify your instructor or the office if you will not be able to attend class during your spring break from school. Our preschool program typically takes its spring break during the same week as Sterling Public Schools. For specific information, on our days off, see our Calendar.