'Where the Arts are for Everyone'

Woodlawn Arts Academy is proud to offer a wide variety of arts programming for all ages. Year-round programming includes visual arts, dance, music, theatre, woodworking, culinary arts and education. Check out our current Program Guide below, or click the links on this page to find programs by your area of interest or your age group.

Download a PDF of our Current Program Guide

or flip through the current program guide here:

Past program guides can be found on by clicking here.

Payment Options

Woodlawn Arts Academy offers three payment options for school-year programs:

  • Session: Register and pay prior to each program and/or session. This is the only option for summer programming.
  • Monthly: Register for all sessions of a school-year class and have your payment automatically withdrawn from your account monthly. Customers will be able to choose the date that the money is removed from their account monthly, beginning in August and ending in April. A checking or savings account, or debit/credit card, may be used for this option. When using a checking or savings account, please be prepared to provide your bank’s routing number as well as your account number.
  • School-year: Register for all sessions of a school-year class and make full payment at the start of the school year. When using this option, a 5% discount on your school-year tuition is applied. Check, cash or debit/credit cards are accepted.

Please inquire with the office if you have questions.

Click here for Financial Assistance information and to download an application.