ROY G BIV Color Run

About The Event

ROY G BIV Family Fun Run

Bring your family from home, family of co-workers or family of friends! Have fun and build relationships while supporting the arts at Woodlawn Arts Academy!

New in 2017!

We’ve changed the event a little bit to focus on families!

At 5pm, join us for a Family Picnic, Design Your Shirt & Face Painting! Bring your favorite picnic foods and join us for a family meal! Plus, we’ll have art supplies available for you to decorate your team’s run shirts. Complete your team’s ensemble by visiting our face-painting booth for a donation.

At 6pm, we’ll do just ONE Family Fun Run! This year’s course is family-friendly, and everyone runs together! Run the loop once for a mile, or 3 times for a 5K.

At 7pm, stick around for the Color Throw & More! Finish the evening by getting covered in color! We’ll also have water fun, games and awards.

The Cause

The ROY G BIV Family Color Run is the messiest and most colorful way to support Woodlawn Arts Academy! Throughout the course, you will be splashed with a nontoxic, biodegradable powdered color. By the end of the run, you’ll be a walking piece of art! All proceeds help support Woodlawn Arts Academy as part of the Annual Appeal. Thank you for giving back to the arts!

  • You will get messy! Bring a towel. A garbage bag will be provided to cover your car seat.
  • Prizes awarded for best costumes, most creative team name, best team spirit, business/organization/family team with the most runners, fastest/oldest/youngest runners and more!

What if there’s bad weather?

The event may be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: tornado warning/watch, thunderstorm or “heavy” rain. Cancellation notices will be posted on social media and the Academy website. All runners will receive an e-mail cancellation notice, including information on picking up race packets and T-shirts. No refunds can be given. Thank you for your generous donation.

Social Media

Be sure to like our page on Facebook for contests, updates & photos!

Helpful Tips

You Don’t Need To Be A Runner

Whether you’re a recovering couch potato or an avid marathon runner, you’ll love the atmosphere and experience at the ROY G BIV Family Fun Run! You’re welcome to walk, run, dance or skip your way to the finish line. And ROY G BIV is family-friendly!

The ROY G BIV Family Color Run is not timed. Families and children are welcome. Serious runners, take note: Unless you are especially good at dodging crowds, you probably won’t be able to run for time. If you’ve never run continuously prior to the event, this is a great pace for a beginner runner. If you’d like to try and run the entire course, get started on a Couch to 5K plan at least two months before the ROY G BIV Family Fun Run.

Protect Yourself

From the beginning of the run to well after you cross the finish line, there is colored powder coming at you from every direction. Protect your eyes and mouth with a pair of sunglasses and bandanna, and make sure to keep any valuables sealed in plastic bags — especially cameras and phones. If you don’t want to be completely doused in powder, stay in the middle of the lane when going through a color station. For everyone’s safety, no strollers or wagons are allowed on the course.

Bring A Buddy

This is definitely a fun run dominated by costumed teams, groups of friends and families; it’s one event that is better enjoyed with friends.

Save Your Color Packet Until The Big Throw

While you may be tempted to bust open the color powder you get at the finish line. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to be doused in color during the run. More importantly, you’ll later be left out of the fun if you’re without a color packet when everyone lets their color out after the run.

The Cleanup

It may only be colored corn starch, but the powder can still stain. First, do not wear anything that you’ll be upset to lose. While the colored powder may come out in the wash, there’s a good chance it won’t depending on how much it’s set. Plan on giving yourself a good scrub in the shower once it’s over, and don’t be surprised if it takes a few washings to get rid of all the color — especially if you have blond hair (you may want to save yourself the hassle by just wearing a hat during the run). You might want to bring a towel to help cover your car seats. You will receive a garbage bag in your race packet to help cover your seats.

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Register To Run

Download our printable registration form.

Family-Friendly Pricing

  • Adult Individual Runner: $20 in advance/$25 on run day
  • Adult Team Runner (team of 4-plus): $15 in advance/$20 on run day
  • Age 12 & Under Runner: $10 in advance/$15 on run day

(Family cap: $60, maximum 6 people)

In the event of inclement weather, the run will be canceled. Fees are non-refundable. Thank you for your generous donation.

Check-In & Packet Pickup

Check-in will be in the red barn on the Woodlawn Arts Academy campus beginning at 9am on run day. Here, you will pick up your informational race packet. We encourage one team member to pick up the full team’s packets. Once your packet is picked up, you are all set! Parking during the run is limited in the Woodlawn Arts Academy parking lots. Participants and observers may park along Parkview Avenue and Woodlawn Road.