About Woodlawn Arts Academy

Providing Quality Artistic Opportunities Since 2006

In 2004, the Dillon Foundation purchased the Woodlawn Arts Academy building with the vision of it being an arts center. During renovations to the current facility, classes were offered at the Dillon Foundation on West LeFevre Road in Sterling.

Woodlawn Arts Academy began operation at its current facility in 2006. Offering classes in visual, performance, theatre and literary arts, 41 registrations were taken. By 2011, that number had grown to more than 2,400! Today, we offer instructions in all disciplines of the arts: visual, music, dance, theatre, woodworking and culinary, along with education programs which encompass our preschool program as well as STEM and literary arts programming.

Since its inception, Woodlawn Arts Academy had been a program of the Sterling-Rock Falls YMCA. Through the Y’s partnership, we saw success and growth that helped us surpass goals and expectations. In 2011, with gratitude to the YMCA for their support, guidance and leadership, Woodlawn became its own, standalone entity. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational organization that is proud to be an agency supported by the United Way organizations of both Whiteside and Lee counties.

The Academy continues to grow. Each season, we are offering more opportunities for our students at all ages and skill levels. In 2012, we received the Public and Community Service Award from the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education, for our dedication to furthering artistic opportunities in the Sauk Valley. In 2016, the Academy received a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Board of Directors

  • Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Chairperson
  • Tim Schlegel, Vice Chairperson
  • Mike Sterba, Secretary
  • Amy Viering, Treasurer
  • Pete Dillon,Member at Large
  • Tim Zollinger
  • Tom Ausman
  • Pam Capes
  • Denis Mennie
  • Scott Kaiser
  • Heather Wittenauer
  • Kip Aitken
  • Michelle Linke

For more information or to contact a board member, call Woodlawn Arts Academy at (815) 626-4ART(4278) or email Woodlawn Arts Academy.

Job Opportunities

Do you have ideas for arts programming that you would like to instruct? Would you like to be a part of the fun and creative team at Woodlawn Arts Academy? Send your resume, cover letter and your completed employment application to:

Woodlawn Arts Academy
Program Coordinator
3807 Woodlawn Road
Sterling, IL 61081

**Woodlawn Arts Academy is seeking part-time employees to share their love of the arts!

Starting Fall 2019:

  • Guitar Instructor (all ages)
  • Cursive Writing Instructor (late elementary)
  • Writing/Book Club Instructor (elementary and middle school)
  • Photography Instructor (high school and adults)
  • Drawing Instructor (high school and adults)
  • General Art Instructor (either/both children and adults)
  • Creative Science Instructor, including electrical circuits, basic plumbing…. How things work (elementary and middle school)
  • Woodworking Manager/Instructor (high school and adults)
  • Dance Instructor (elementary-high school)
  • Evening Front Desk Position

Requirements: Skills in the area of interest as well as a passion for sharing that skill, along with customer service and knowledge of working with the age group specified.

Send cover letters and resumes to Becky Rich, Program Coordinator, at brich@woodlawnartsacademy.com.