Woodlawn Preschool Academy

Woodlawn Preschool Academy of the Arts is designed to emphasize the importance of incorporating the arts into education. The program serves students ages 3-5 and offers a safe and friendly setting that includes opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We realize that each child develops at their own rate; therefore, our staff makes every effort to meet the needs of the individual child. Overall, staff strives to provide a stimulating environment using the arts to enhance learning in which children feel comfortable and happy with their individual progress.

At Woodlawn Preschool Academy, the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum Method is used, and lesson plans are aligned with the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Both special guest and classroom instructors teach arts education at a specific time during the day, covering visual arts, music, theatre, dance and culinary. Experiences in those art activities are also provided through classroom centers. We recognize that family involvement is an important part of a child’s learning, and families are given opportunities to participate in the classroom, and attend family nights and parent-teacher conferences.

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