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Woodlawn’s Education programming uses the arts along with Core Curriculum and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts to teach students the art of imagination and creative thinking. Click here for details on our Preschool program.

Ages 9-14

Speech & Drama Camp

Prepare for the middle school and high school experiences! This camp will build a foundation of vital skills to help you succeed in school, whether you’re in theatre programs or not, and throughout your life!

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ages 8-11

The Wonderful World of Reader’s Theatre

Known as “theatre of the imagination,” reader’s theatre is a great way to explore word sounds and interpret characters using expressive voices and gestures. Participants will have fun using their imaginations while learning, rehearsing and performing a reader’s script. No memorizing required!

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ages 14-adult

Study Skills: How to Ace All Your Classes!

Every student has the ability to become more efficient and less stressed when they know how to analyze the learning task and understand techniques that work best for them. This three-hour workshop (an hour and a half each night) will give high school and college students techniques, strategies, and hands-on practice to give them the necessary skills to be successful and independent learners. In addition, you will gain insight into some of the biggest hurdles college freshmen may face and how to deal with them, such as: • Roommates • Money management • Time management • Staying healthy Participants will

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ages 14-adult

High School & Adult Chess

Learn chess or sharpen your skills by taking this class from an expert! Chess increases problem-solving and spatial skills as well as improves memory and creativity. Strengthen your brain in a fun way!

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