Music Performance

At Woodlawn Arts Academy, we feel that performance is a key part of the learning process. All students are expected (though not required) to perform in the winter and spring music recitals. The winter music recitals are held in January at the end of the second session and in May near the end of the fourth session. Both are typically performed off-site due to the large number of participants. Spring recital dates and locations may vary by instructor. See the Calendar for exact dates. If the student will not be in the recital, inform the instructor so that the programs can be planned accordingly.

If a student has participated in lessons at Woodlawn Arts Academy for at least two consecutive years leading into his/her senior year in high school, he/she may be invited to perform a senior recital. All senior recital content must be approved by the instructor.

Besides the winter and spring recitals, other performance opportunities will be announced throughout the year. Students are encouraged to perform often.

Recital Attire

Appropriate recital attire is required for all performances. Girls/women should wear a dress or a skirt/dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes. Boys/men should wear a dress shirt, dress pants, dark socks and dress shoes. Jeans, cargo pants, T-shirts, tennis shoes, etc. are not appropriate performance attire.

Recital Rehearsals

Mandatory rehearsals are typically scheduled the evening before the recital. During rehearsals, students practice where to sit, how to go on and off stage, and review manners and behavior for the recital. This is NOT an opportunity to practice their songs; that should be done at home! Parents and family members are asked to wait in the lounge or outside the performance area during the rehearsal.

Audience Etiquette

Family and friends are encouraged to attend! Admission to musical recitals is minimal. During the recital, we ask all audience members to follow appropriate etiquette. Cell phones should be turned off. Audience members should remain seated during performances and only move between performances. Applause at the appropriate time is encouraged, but we discourage talking during a performance. It is expected that audience members and students stay for the duration of the recital. Photography and videotaping are allowed during the recitals, but please refrain from using flash photography as it distracts the students.

Recital Planning

Please turn in any conflicts you have as soon as possible. Rehearsal dates and times can be accommodated for you if you let us know your conflicts in advance. If you know ahead of time that you cannot make a performance, let your instructor know well in advance, as music is chosen as early as three months before the recital. In case of emergency absence for a weekday rehearsal or performance, call the office at (815) 626-4278 as soon as possible. In an emergency for Saturday rehearsals or performances, please contact your instructor directly if possible. Photography and videotaping are allowed during the recitals, but please refrain from using flash photography as it distracts the students.

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