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Woodlawn Dance Recitals

Only those students registered with satisfactory attendance records during all sessions and who have paid all fees are eligible to perform in the recital. All students are expected (though not required) to perform in the recital(s). If the student will not be in the recital(s), inform the instructor so that a costume is not ordered, and so she/he may choreograph accordingly. The dancer may continue taking lessons and will be considered part of the class in all other respects, but please note he/she will be expected to learn the dance(s) even though they will not be performing.

If a dancer has participated at Woodlawn Dance Academy for at least two consecutive years leading into her/his senior year in high school, she/he will be invited to perform a senior solo at the recital(s). All solos must be approved by the director.


A non-refundable recital commitment costume deposit is due with the Session 2 registration fee or will be included in year-long payment plans. The costume balance is due with the Session 3 registration fee.

Costumes cost approximately $60 per recital dance. Adult sizes are about $10-$20 more.

More information about costumes and recital dates is available during Sessions 3 and 4.

We have developed the following schedule in order to receive costumes in time for the recital:

  • Early November: Non-refundable recital commitments/costume deposits due with Session 2 registration fee for those not on a year-long payment plan.
  • Mid-November: Students measured.
  • December: Costumes ordered.
  • January: Costume balance due with Session 3 registration fee.
  • April: Costumes distributed. (Costumes are distributed once the full order for the class has arrived.)

Photos & Rehearsals

Pictures will take place approximately six weeks before the performance. Attendance for the pictures is strongly encouraged. Hair and make-up must be worn as requested by the instructor.

Dress rehearsals are scheduled the week of the performance. All students planning to perform must attend the rehearsal. Absence from the rehearsal will prevent a student from participating in the recital. Late arrival to the rehearsal constitutes absence. Recitals take place the weekend after Memorial Day each year.


Admission to the recital is BY TICKET ONLY. (Toddlers age 3 and younger do not need to have a ticket if they will sit on a parent’s lap.) Ticket sales details will be announced in early spring. All seating is general admission. Students must report backstage at the appointed time prior to curtain. The performance will begin promptly at the stated time.


Please turn in any recital week conflicts as soon as possible. Rehearsal dates and times can be accommodated for you if you let us know your conflicts in advance. We will accept conflicts until the end of January. At that point we will need to assign rehearsal dates and recital times.

If you know ahead of time that you cannot make a recital performance, let your teacher know well in advance so that the number(s) can be rehearsed without you. In case of emergency absence, please make every effort to contact your dance instructor as soon as possible.

ALL students are expected to stay until the end of the recital to take part in the Finale/Bows. Please do not remove your child from the dressing area before that time. Dancers are not permitted in the auditorium to watch the performance or in the lobby of the auditorium.

Photography and videotaping are allowed at the rehearsals only! Please DO NOT photograph or videotape the recital while it is in progress, as this is dangerous for the performers and discourteous to the audience. Studio portraits are taken before the recital, and a professional DVD will be made of the production. A DVD of one recital of your choice is complimentary with your registration fee. Additional DVDs may be ordered beginning on picture days for $15 each.

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