About Woodlawn Woodshop

The Woodlawn Woodshop was created to provide opportunities for community members to have access to professional woodworking equipment. Woodshop classes are part of the many programs provided by the Woodlawn Arts Academy. The Woodshop is a creative forum for you to work cooperatively with staff and other woodworkers to realize your concept and develop responsible woodworking practices. The shop is here to provide a safe and friendly learning environment and an opportunity to work with other woodworkers, woodworking equipment and machinery.

Woodshop FAQ

What is in the Woodshop?

The Woodlawn Woodshop is a fully equipped woodworking facility complete with all the necessary professional-grade woodworking tools and equipment. The machines include but are not limited to two 10-inch table saws, three band saws (18-inch, 14-inch and 10-inch), an 8-inch jointer, a 20-inch thickness planer and four woodturning lathes, just to name a few. There is a full assortment of various power hand tools plus non-power hand tools, such as hand planes, chisels and saws. Additional equipment is brought in as classes and projects dictate. You may call the Woodshop at (815) 716-8625 to arrange a visit to see if our equipment meets your project needs.

When are classes?

Classes are scheduled at times chosen by the instructors and the administrative staff. Click here for a current listing of woodworking classes.

When is the Woodshop open?

The Woodshop is open from 9am-Noon Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; and 5-8pm Wednesdays. It is also open for scheduled classes and by appointment for Open Shop. You must complete a safety training before using the Woodshop. Click here for details on Open Shop.

Do you accept donations?

We do accept donations or wood or tools on occasion, but for safety purposes, all donations must be approved by Woodshop administrative staff. Please call the Woodshop at (815) 716-8625 or the Academy office at (815) 626-4278 to schedule an appointment.

Can I just go to the Woodshop and start working on my project at any time?

Only a certain number of people can be working in the Woodshop at any given time. For this reason, please call the Woodshop at (815) 716-8625 or the Academy office at (815) 626-4278 to schedule an appointment to work on your project. You must complete a Safety Certification before using the Woodshop. For details on purchasing a Punch Pass for Open Shop hours, click here.

If I purchase a punch pass for Open Shop, will someone be there to help guide me on my project?

Our staff members are available during all open woodshop times to manage the facility. If you purchase a punch pass for Open Shop, you must complete a safety training before using the Woodshop. Punch passes and Open Shop are intended for those who have some experience with woodworking, as the staff member will not be doing any teaching. If you need help or guidance on your project, please consider a private woodworking lesson.

Do I have to take one class in order to take another one of a different skill level?

The skill levels listed with our Woodworking classes are for general guidance. If you are unsure about whether you are ready for a particular class, our staff can answer any questions you might have. You must complete a safety training before using the Woodshop. Please call the Woodshop at (815) 716-8625 to speak with a staff member.

Does the Woodshop have a finishing/painting room?

Our finishing room is not yet fully functional. Currently, we have a room where you can brush paint and stain your project, but you will not be able to spray or strip paint.

Is there a place that I can store my project at the Woodshop until I complete it?

Storage racks are available for large and small projects that are in assembly and completed. Please note that your project will not be locked up, as the storage racks are in the open Woodshop area.