Community Open Shop

Community members ages 14-adult who have woodworking skills are invited to use the Woodlawn Woodshop and its equipment to work on their own projects. Purchase a punch pass at the Woodshop or at Woodlawn’s main building. To use your punch pass, you must first complete a safety training and have basic woodworking experience.

Punch Passes

  • 5 hours for $40
  • 10 hours for $70

Purchase your punch pass in person at the Woodlawn Woodshop or at Woodlawn Arts Academy.

Safety Workshop

This workshop is designed for experienced woodworkers, ages 14-Adult, to demonstrate their ability to work independently on all the professional equipment at the Woodlawn Woodshop. This workshop is required in order to use a punch pass for Open Shop times. Call to discuss your experience level with staff and to make an appointment for this training. Tuition is $30. If you’ve taken a prior Woodshop class, there is a $15 discount.

Open Shop Hours

Open Shop hours are by appointment only. Call (815) 716-8625 to register for the safety workshop or make an appointment to use your punch pass.

Open Shop Guidelines

Hand tools are provided, though participants are welcome to bring their own labeled hand tools into the shop. Students who bring in their own hand tools do so at their own risk; Woodlawn is not responsible for missing hand tools.

Any used construction lumber brought in to the facility will need to be approved by the Woodshop staff to make sure it can be used on the Woodlawn equipment & in accordance with the Woodshop policies. For example, lumber that has a finish on it or that has nail holes, staples, etc. will damage the equipment.

A maximum of eight students may use the Woodshop at any given time. Please call the Woodshop or the Woodlawn main building in advance to make an appointment to use your punch pass.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to use the Open Shop.

Woodshop staff are available to manage the facility. If you purchase a punch pass for Open Shop, you must complete a safety training before using the Woodshop. Punch passes and Open Shop are intended for those who have some experience with woodworking, as the staff member will not be doing any teaching. If you need help or guidance on your project, please consider a private woodworking lesson.