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His love of music and theatre has grown so much

The financial assistance program has helped our family tremendously. It has allowed our family extracurricular programs that we wouldn’t be able to afford. Being a single mother and only being able to work part-time puts a hinder on income and the financial assistance program definitely help us enroll my son into all of the classes that he loves.

My son has ADHD and sensory issues, and going to Woodlawn programs has greatly helped reduce his anxiety. All of the staff and other children are so kind and welcoming to him. He has become so much more social and outgoing since starting classes at Woodlawn.

He loves the arts like music, acting, dance and art. All of these areas he is able to explore at Woodlawn. He loves coming here and has loved all of the classes he has taken. His love of music and theatre has grown so much. I truly appreciate all of the assistance. Thank you for everything.


Kristina B.


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