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He will take what he has learned … and the friendships made … with him for the rest of his life

My son Noah and I have benefited from Woodlawn Arts Academy’s financial assistance program in many ways. Last school year I used the financial aid to enroll my son Noah into the 3-year-old preschool program. Because of attending this preschool program Noah was able to learn many skills needed to be prepared to successfully enter kindergarten. Noah learned how to recognize several letters, as well as the sounds that they make. Noah even learned how to write his name on his own. Because of the Zoo-phonics program used by the preschool teaching staff, Noah learned fun songs and did several art projects with the letters of the alphabet which helps him to retain the information. Not only was Noah taught letters and numbers in Woodlawn Preschool program but this program also helped him to further develop his social and emotional skills. Woodlawn provided a nurturing environment where Noah was able to learn to socialize and play with other children his age. Along with academically preparing my child for preschool and kindergarten, one of the best ways that Noah benefited from Woodlawn’s Preschool program was through learning the arts. Noah learned so much about music and dance. He came home every week singing a new song. A lot of the information that the children were learning about were tied to a specific song. One of my favorites was about how to spell the color red. Because of the songs my son was better able to retain the information. Noah also really benefited from acting out stories and participating in classroom plays. One of our favorites is the “Big Pumpkin” play done at Halloween time. He loved being a part of this play. To this day the Big Pumpkin is still one of his favorite books to read and I thank Woodlawn Preschool for the wonderful experience.

Lastly, Woodlawn’s Preschool staff is more loving and caring than any other daycare or school that we have been to the past. Miss Becky and the preschool teachers treat my son like one of their own. It is a very loving and nurturing environment. Noah received a lot of one on one individual learning time from his teachers. I feel that he learns better this way and it was a definite benefit to preparing him for kindergarten. Even when Noah was sick or when I was having a difficult time, Becky and the teacher took the time out of their busy days to reach out to ensure things were alright. Furthermore, Woodlawn offered parent teacher conferences a couple times a year. These were very helpful in learning about my child’s progress as well as what we needed to continue to work on.

In conclusion, my son’s enrollment in Woodlawn’s Preschool program has benefited him in more ways than I have even stated in this paragraph. I think that he will take what he has learned at Woodlawn and the friendships made and take them with him for the rest of his life.

I really need the financial assistance Woodlawn offers because without it my son could not enjoy the benefits of Woodlawn’s programs. I am a single mother with a limited income. Noah’s father is not involved and I don’t receive any child support. In April 2019 I lost my job which was very difficult for my son and I financially. I was able to find another position but making much less. This financial hardship has taken a huge toll on my family. I just do not want my child to miss out on important educational programs because of my inability to pay for them. I want Noah to be able to experience the benefits of Woodlawn’s Preschool program. Without the financial assistance Noah will not be able to attend this program that he really loves.

Linnsey S.


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