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Ages 11-14

Clarinet Carnival: Middle School

Played the clarinet for band? Don’t let it get dusty this summer! We will play fun songs such as “Can’t Stop this Feeling!” from “Trolls” and “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie.” We will practice different rhythms, fingerings and reading music on the staff.

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Ages 12-adult

Piano Christmas in July

Love Christmas music year round? Join us for this workshop where we will learn several Christmas songs. We will cover reading music on the staff, go over a variety of musical terms and practice some fingering techniques.

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Ages 9-14

Computer Ninjas

Learn all about computers in this new technical class! Take apart computers, rebuild them, and learn about the inner workings and care of computers! You will also gain some basic coding knowledge, and at the end of the course we’ll play coding games, including Minecraft. Special thanks to our sponsor, Wahl!

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ages 6 & Up

Summer Dance Camp

This camp is a six-day experience for serious dancers ages 6 and up. Every day students will have an intense warm-up and strengthening course, followed by skill work including leaps, turns and progressions. After that, a specific genre will be studied, including a combination (short routine). Tuesdays will have a focus of tap, Wednesdays will have a focus of jazz and Thursdays will have a focus of lyrical and contemporary. Fridays are an optional open studio time for dancers to come in on their own to practice combinations or skill work from 1-4pm. An instructor will be available for consultation. 

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Ages 10 & up

Success Mindset

Want to learn to focus on your own goals and not compare yourself to others? Want the confidence to be the best dancer YOU can be? Serious dancers only: Join us for this 3-day workshop to enhance your mindset on your own goals and success, both at dance and in life.

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