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Thanks for offering these excellent … opportunities

I wanted to share with Woodlawn about some classes Ava took and used those projects as 4-H fair projects in the Lee County 4-H Fair.  

Ava has taken a variety of clay classes at Woodlawn and enjoys them. She entered 2 clay pieces in the fair, won blue ribbons on both and won a red ribbon for Junior Show.  

She has taken theatre, voice lessons and a theatre makeup class and entered a project summarizing her theatre experience for the 4-H year (fall 2020 to summer 2021). She created a poster with photos and details of her year in theatre. She won a blue ribbon and got a state fair nomination. Not to mention talked the judge’s ear off about theatre for 10 minutes.  

Ava recently took a digital animation class through Woodlawn that was offered at WACC. She created a small animated 10-second clip and entered it in the video category at the fair. She won a blue ribbon, State Fair nomination, and Best of Show in that category.  

Thanks for offering these excellent classes and opportunities for kids. Ava loves all these classes and always looks forwarding to learning something new and creating.  


Sara L.


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